Sage 200 Integrated Stock Control System With Order Processing and Warehouse Management

Whether you need multiple locations, barcoding, unit of measure or a mobile solution, Sage 200 Stock Control from KC Smart Stock can support your needs.

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Remove The Headache Of Reporting With Integrated Sage 200 Stock Control

With our Sage 200 account’s software integration, you can remove the headache of duplicating data between systems and re-allocate resources to other tasks, such as business growth and development.

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Advanced Sage 200 stock control

Struggling with stock control in Sage 50? Spending a lot of time on manual tasks to track what you need to order?

Let us handle your stock control requirements whilst syncing customer, supplier and financial data with Sage. Customer invoices and supplier purchase orders are posted over automatically.

Barcodes and label printing
Add multiple barcodes to a single item when barcodes change and link to a single stock item, or generate your own. Label designer allows you to create your own barcode and shelf edge labels and print these on-demand or by batch.

Track stock in multiple units
Transfer or replenish stock across all of your locations with in-built requests and messenger. Requested stock is scanned out of one location and into another, so you can see exactly what’s arrived and what’s left in transit.

sage 50 stock control

Track stock across multiple locations

Sage 200 only allows for a single stock location, with KC Smart Stock you can create an unlimited number of warehouses and stores.

Location replenishment requests
Request stock from any location using the in-built messenger and allow staff to scan stock out of one location and into another. This allows you to track what’s currently in transfer and make sure the correct products are sent and arrive ok.

Pick and dispatch customer orders
Outstanding sales orders are easily accessible in the sales order book, ready to assign for dispatch. Segment orders based on due date or priority and scan items out to make sure the correct products are sent to customers.

Route picking ensures staff pick in the most efficient way, whilst batch picking allows you to take stock from one location for multiple orders.

sage 50 stock control

Giving you instant visibility of your stock

Finding it difficult to see your stock levels whilst creating or placing orders? Jumping between screens which slows you down?

KC Smart Stock gives you visibility to quantity in stock as well as what’s allocated to customer orders, so you know exactly what’s available to sell.

Predict what you need to order
Intelligent forecasting looks at your minimum stock levels and quantity in stock before overlaying sales trends and outstanding orders to predict what you need to order.

Run across all stock items at once and group orders by supplier whilst automatically creating the purchase orders and invoices in Sage 200.

Stocktake with ease
Mobile devices allow you to quickly count stock and ensure the correct products are scanned. You can choose exactly which products or locations need to be counted before assigning to devices and users.

Review counts to identify any variances and instantly create re-counts when something doesn’t look right. Once you are happy with the results you view variances, value stock and update stock levels.

A KC Smart Stock Success StoryTaskers

With over 60 years experience in the industry, this family-run company has expanded greatly. Taskers needed an EPOS system which could automatically transfer data into their accounts package. With the incredibly expansive inventory due to the wide offering of products, they required an EPOS and stock system that could handle and navigate their inventory.

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We have ability to perform actions we weren’t able to do before, it reduces the amount of human error and we’ve received really dynamic and excellent support.

Paul Schwartz, Taskers

Manage Every Area Of Your Business Using Integrated Sage 200 Stock Management

KC Smart Stock enables you to integrate EPOS, Stock Control, Warehouse Management and more with your existing accounts and ERP systems. With an automatic transfer of data between your Sage 200 software and Smart Stock we can ensure every receipt, movement, adjustment and despatch within your warehouse is immediately captured. At the same time, any changes made in Sage 200 such as, new stock items, are picked up by Smart Stock within seconds.


Assign multiple barcodes to the same item, design and print your own shelf edge and barcode labels on demand.


Create an unlimited number of stores or warehouses and request, transfer, and track stock between them.

Forecast Orders

Project exactly what you need to order to meet customer demand whilst taking current stock and sales trends into account.

Unit of Measure

Order in bulk and split down into smaller units and adjust stock automatically when breaking into a pallet or case.

Mobile Devices

Quickly dispatch, book in, transfer and count stock using rugged tablet devices in the warehouse or shop floor.


Setup stock takes for any part of the business, quickly scan, count and review the results to identify any issues.

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We help businesses across the UK manage their stock so they can easily focus on growing their business.

If you’re struggling with the challenges of separate manual processes from stock takes, to entering in accounts information and creating reports, reach out to us to discuss your current processes and find out how KC Smart Stock can help you connect all areas of your business together in one solution.

Our advice and guidance is always free and we’re happy to talk to any business, no matter what stage of the thought process they’re going through. We have built our business on the values of trustworthiness and passion and will happily provide assistance to you, so if you want a chat, just get in touch.

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Stop Managing Your Business The Hard Way. Embrace A Connected EPOS System.

Whether you currently manage all of your business processes separately or still write out paper invoices and manually input them into accounts software, you might be ready to hear more about how KCPOS software can help you. Our connected EPOS system is easy to manage and gives you the power of information you need to help your business grow. Streamline stock control, allow customers to pay on account, integrate with your accounts package – just a few examples of how our EPOS system can revolutionise your business.

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What does KC Smart Stock do?

Would you like to know more about our stock control solution and its business-wide benefits. If so, visit our dedicated page which covers all of the features and functionality it has, what they do and how it can help your business in each area from managing stock to reporting on your online orders.

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How Does KC Smart Stock Work?

KC Smart Stock starts from a simple thought: Everything that happens in your business impacts on something else, so a single connected stock control system should monitor it all seamlessly, from stock control to accounts reporting. Find out more about how KC Smart Stock works to bring together your business.

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Who is KC Smart Stock for?

The requirement for an intelligent stock control system covers a wide range of businesses, from retail and hospitality to trade counters and wholesalers. If you want to find out if our connected stock control solution can help a business like yours, then we’ve broken things down by the sub-industries to help.

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Is KC Smart Stock right for you?

Not sure if KC Smart Stock is right for you? Why not book a free demo of our stock control software? We’ll talk to you about your biggest challenges and we’ll build a demo that’s unique to you, using your own data. Our free demo is the best way to find out if KC Smart Stock is the right system for your business.

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KC Smart Stock is currently supporting businesses across the UK with their stock control requirements. We currently have a 99% customer satisfaction rating and 98% customer retention rate.

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