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Benefits of KC Smart Stock surpass the stockroom and warehouse. These business-wide benefits will improve multiple areas within your company.

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Inventory and warehouse management for forward-thinking businesses

KC Smart Stock comes with multifarious, powerful and well-designed features which will immediately improve the inventory management within your stock room or warehouse.

KC Smart Stock is a tablet-based stock management system that integrates with your in-house accounts software to make your warehouse or stock room more efficient.

  • Stock Taking –
    • Create immediate or scheduled stock takes and assign these to your devices from the control centre.
    • Rapidly enter stock count figures on the tablet device.
    • Select from Specified or Random stock take modes.
    • Select from Seen (show snapshot quantities) or Blind (don’t show snapshot quantities) stock take modes.
    • Issue stock takes by ranges of:
      • Stock code
      • Category
      • By warehouse/stock room location
      • By bin location


    • Generate and print reports on:
      • Defined stock take lists
      • Stock variances
      • Exceptions (with optional variance costs and quantities)
    • Report instantly on stock take status including items counted, variances identified and uncounted items.
    • Incrementally and automatically save stock take progress as quantities are entered or scanned.
    • Generate a Stock Variance Tolerance Report to identify all stock variances: monetary (over £x) or numeric (over x units).
    • Create recount cards from variance reports.
  • Stock Adjustments (+ & -) –
    • Inward and outward adjustments with free-text comments.
    • Simply and rapidly enter stock adjustment through the tablet device.
  • Location Transfers –
    • Easily move stock with straight transfers and direct movements.
    • Optionally set “in-transit” mode for goods currently being transported.
  • Location Replenishments –
    • Request replenishment and fulfilment from the tablet devices.
    • Send replenishment requests through in-built messenger.


    • Print “in-transit” documentation.
    • Set instant replenishment or “in-transit” mode.
  • Purchase Order Creation –
    • Create Supplier Purchase Orders from the tablet devices.
    • Auto-print and auto-email options.


    • Synchronise wirelessly with your in-house accounts software.
  • Goods Receipt –
    • Book-in stock at various detail levels, including batch/serial/bin locations.
    • Print “goods received” documentation.
    • Match goods-in receipts against Purchase Orders from your in-house accounts software.


    • Manage Purchase Orders by due date, product or supplier.
    • Create partial receipts with options to keep orders open or close them off.
    • Create barcodes or labels following receipt of goods.
  • Sales Order Creation –
    • Create Customer Sales Orders from the tablet device.
    • Auto-print and auto-email options.


    • Synchronise wirelessly with your in-house accounts software.
  • Sales Order Picking –
    • Assign specific Sales Orders to devices for picking from the control centre.
    • Segment order picking in to stages.
    • Help the pickers with pick lists, stock and bin locations displayed on the device and sort by stock code, bin location, quickest route etc.
    • Generate “Today’s” picking list based on the picking lead time of “dispatch day”, or today.
    • Prioritise Sales Orders for picking on “Today’s” list with priority flags.
    • Generate picking lists manually, by location group, by next x items or by customer.
    • Assign Sales Order Picking Lists to individual users and temporary picking bins, or assign them to multiple users and picking bins based on bin ranges.


    • Determine picking based on FIFO when using batch or serial tracking.
    • Streamline picking routes to optimise picking multiple orders comprising of the same products automatically.
    • Configure bin locations to create picking routes and generate picking lists based on these pre-defined routes.
    • Create and print labels for dispatch.
    • Sort picking lists by due date, with today first.
    • Generate and print dispatch notes.
  • Stock Reordering –
    • Auto-suggest Purchase Order creation based on:
      • Negative stock
      • Maximum stock level
      • Location
      • Supplier


    • Order stock based on historical performance.
    • Average and Seasonal modes available.
  • Printing Stock Labels –
    • Print barcodes by :
      • Range of stock code
      • Range of category
      • Scanning of barcodes
      • Price changes since last print
      • Range of preferred supplier


    • Various label formats available.
    • Printing either VAT inclusive and/or exclusive pricing.
  • Stock Enquiries –
    • Query stock directly from the tablet.
    • List all available stock and locations.
    • View stock balances showing stock on-hand, on-purchase-order or on-sales-order.
    • View allocated stock, either general or item allocation.


    • Search by product, bin, batch or serial number.
    • Query stock movements.
    • Scan bin barcode or items in bin to show available stock to move.
  • Control Centre –
    • Instantly view on-demand reports:
      • Stock counts due today
      • Stock counts performed today with variances
      • Stock shortages based on “reorder level” now, tomorrow, next week or next month.
      • Average stock days
      • Average stock days by product
      • Purchase orders overdue
      • Sales dispatch overdue
      • Priority sales orders
      • Stock ageing


    • Issue stock recounts to devices.
    • Identify stock variances from stock counts.
    • Post either all adjustments or partial adjustments if recount required.
    • In-built messaging system between control centre and tablet devices to raise queries and issue instructions in real-time, over multiple warehouses or stock locations.
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